The Museum for Forgetting

A new collection of short stories published by Grimbold Books

We are made from memories, they are stories we tell ourselves to build our personalities. So what does it mean to forget?A collection of eleven tales about memory and its fallibility. About hauntology, the weird, and the eerie. Museum Doyens try to hold out against ever-increasing painful cuts in funding. Detectives go through the motions and hope to suppress the bitter past. Cultists keep an angel captive and raid its memories. A grieving mother is forced to confront her past. A lonely man tries to forget and in forgetting cannot remember why. An elderly man tries everything in his power to keep the past alive. Stories of loss and regret recur in worlds painted in sepia.A collection from the author of A Tiding of Magpies, Sick City Syndrome and Seven Deadly Swords bringing together thematically linked previously published stories with some written especially for this collection. Once read it cannot be forgotten!

“A richly imaginative and multifaceted collection about grief, inner worlds, what we choose to forget and the responsibility to remember.” Stark Holborn, author of Nunslinger, Triggernometry and Ten Low

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