Seven Deadly Swords

seven swords

Published by Grimbold Books October 2018

Details of Launch here

For every sin, a sword

For every sword, a curse

For every curse, a death

Reymond joined the Crusades to rid the Holy Land of the Saracen and win glory for himself. Instead, with six others, he found himself bound under a sorcerer’s curse: the Seven Sins personified.

Doomed to eternal life and with the weight of the deaths he has caused dragging his soul into the torments of hell, Reymond must find his former brothers-in-arms and defeat each of them. Riding across a thousand years of history the road from Wrath to Redemption will be deadly…


“Shades of Highlander, shades of Kingdom of Heaven, shades of the Magnificent Seven… Pete Sutton’s Seven Deadly Swords ranges across time with its dark and twisted tale of damnation, salvation and revenge.”  – Jon Courtenay Grimwood

“It doesn’t get grimmer or darker than this. Pete Sutton’s Revelations-flavoured tale drips blood, viscera, guilt and betrayal across history from the crusades to the present day. One to be read only while wrapped in your cosiest blanket.” – Gaie Sebold


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