Sick City Syndrome

Sick City Syndrome by Peter Sutton

What if it was accepted that there really were ghosts? That mediums could actually talk to the dead. That your dearly departed continued to exist on a spiritual plane and that at certain places, or in certain people they could manifest? Susan is living in a fog of grief after the death of her fiancé. When she is given a dossier that promises answers as to why he died she starts to investigate. Susan is about to discover that the city is sick and things are much weirder than she ever imagined. All she wanted to do was talk to him and ask him why. Sick City Syndrome is Peter Sutton’s debut novel. It is a tense, psychological, horror, that will make you look at your world in a different way. Sometimes sickness is built in.

“An extraordinary novel with an intriguing premise. Pete Sutton is an author to watch.” – Gareth L. Powell, award-winning author of the Ack-Ack Macaque series

“An imaginative and thrilling tale with some genuinely unexpected twists.” – Sara Jayne Townsend author

“A fast-paced supernatural thriller, Cronenbergian in its scope, which goes straight to the heart of good storytelling. Sutton combines first class mystery with realistic human drama. Read this at your peril. Once started, it’s not so easy to put down.” – Alistair Rennie, author of BleakWarrior

Due to KGHH going out of business this book is no longer available.

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