Published Stories

Stories in order of publication

White Noise Black Silence – 1000 words

An Unexpected Return – Hodderscape

Have you heard the magpies singing? – NFFD Flash Flood

Artifice Perdu  – Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion Anthology –

This was dramatised for the launch of Airship – you can hear it here:

The Body in the Lake – Fossil Lake 2 Anthology –

Bloom – Far Horizons Magazine (April) –

The Doom that came from the sky – Far Horizons Magazine (May)

Smoke – Far Horizons Magazine (June)

Zero – Far Horizons Magazine (July)

The Infection – Far Horizons Magazine (July)

After the blasts – Far Horizons Magazine (August)

Opening Berthier’s door – Far Horizons Magazine (September)

The soft spiral of a collapsing orbit – Far Horizons Magazine (October)

Bruised – Far Horizons Magazine (November)

Tales for the Ferryman part 1 – Far Horizons Magazine (February)

The Light – Far Horizons Magazine (February)

The Time Machine – Far Horizons Magazine (February)

Waymarker – Visual Verse –

Rumbled – 101 words –

Hater – North by Southwest –

Christmas Steps – North by SouthWest

Latitude – North by Southwest

Cheryl Morgan has posted the Podcast of the BristolCon fringe readings in which I did a reading:

I’m on in the second half at about 25 minutes – but I’d recommend you listen to both halves as there’s lots of good stuff there before I came on last…

I also performed at the Open Mic in April where I was on first:

BristolCon Fringe – The April Open Mic Evening

Finding Niamh – 2nd place entry in “What Lies Ahead” Competition

It Falls – Winner SciArt Competiton

Sunlight on Snow – Far Horizons magazine

Always the end of the World – The Speculative Book –

The Bloom – Sproutlings anthology – 

Unicorphosis – Fossil Lake 3 – 

The Detective’s Tale – The Refuge Collection Volume 5 (all proceeds to refugee charities)

The Detective’s Tale audio

You have reached your destinationin the BFS January bulletin

Ash & Darkness in Between the Tracks – tales from the ghost train

The Museum for amnesia – exclusive for Grimbold Patreon

Education, Education, Education – Know Your Place (Essay)

Skin – The Body Horror Book (essay)

When the Lamps go out – Another Place (reprint)

Masks – The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors

Masks (reprint) – Best Horror of the Year Volume 11

The engine at the Heart of the City – Airship Shape 2

We do like to be Beside – Alchemy Book of Horrors 2

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