The fourth anthology from the North Bristol Writers examines our relationship with Fire. With over twenty tales from writers such as Chrissey Harrison, Dev Agarwal, Pete Sutton, Maria Herring, M E Rodman, Kevin McCabe, Ken Shinn, Scott Lewis, Nick Walters and more as well as poetry from Barry Hollow and Kimberly Nugent.

Fire holds a unique place in the human psyche, deeply
intertwining fear and fascination. From the entrancing
flicker of a candle flame to the raw, elemental fury of a
forest fire, Fire gives and takes away. We speak of it as
alive and sentient – a fire can roar, leap, spit, even die. We
even talk to it sometimes, feed and care for it like a child,
until we think we understand it. But while we may bend
it to our will for a time, such an abstract and unknowable
force can never be entirely tamed
– From the Introduction, bt Chrissey Harrison.

The book is available to pre-order in ebook format today, with paperback pre-orders coming very soon. Watch the blog for news.

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