Former Heroes

Pick up the cape that may no longer fit, strap on that armour which may need letting out, grab the sword, that is heavier than you remember, and join us for these seven exciting tales of Former Heroes. Stand shoulder to shoulder with heroes of former wars, find out what it takes to be a gentleman, join former enemies as they discover that all is not as it seems, come back from war changed, or stalk the enemies of former years. Former Heroes is a brand new collection of never before published stories from some of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror’s brightest voices. It collects a vibrant and eclectic range of stories from Kate Charles (Faisollus), Andrew Goodman (The Oliver Drummond Adventures), Jim King (Far Horizons Magazine), Gaie Sebold (Babylon Steel, Shanghai Sparrow), David Gullen (Shopocalypse), \Sara Jayne Townsend (The Shara Summers Series) and Pete Sutton (Far Horizons Magazine)

former heroes


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