Discoverability Signal Boost

You’ve published a book and you want to get the word out. You want your book to be discovered by readers. You want your book to sell.

There’s a lot of books out there. So you need a signal boost. If that’s you then mail me an interview for this here blog about your book. I used to interview authors for my old blog but I don’t really have the time to do that so much now. So I’m just going to post a set of questions here and if you mail me (using the Contact page) a request to be signal boosted and a description of your book I’ll get in touch to let you know where to send pictures (I’ll want a headshot and a cover at the very least.) I’ll also want links – to your website, blog, Twitter, publisher, sales link etc.

If you’ve edited a book, or you’re a publisher and you’ve published someone else then adapt the questions as necessary.

So, those questions:

Tell us about your book (what’s the sales pitch?)

If you could be a character in the book who would you be and why?

What did you learn about writing by writing this book?

Do you have a set writing process, if so what is it?

What’s one question you think would be really fun to answer, but has never been asked of you?

What made you choose to write your book as a (whatever genre the book is)

How much research did you do before writing the book and how did you go about it?

Do you remember the first story you told? What was it?

What are you reading? Who do you think we should be reading (apart from you!)?

In one sentence what’s your best piece of advice for writers?

And that’s it – 10 easyish questions. I’ll post it up and give it a shout out on Facebook & Twitter. Can’t say I have the largest audience in the Bloggersphere but I do have ‘an’ audience – so every little helps, right?

Published by suttope

Pete Sutton has a not so secret lair in the wilds of Fishponds, Bristol and dreams up stories, many of which are about magpies. He's had stuff published, online and in book form, and currently has a pile of words that one day may possibly be a novel. He wrote all about Fishponds for the Naked Guide to Bristol and has made more money from non-fiction than he has from fiction and wonders if that means the gods of publishing are trying to tell him something. You can find him all over social media or worrying about events he’s organised at the Bristol Festival of Literature. On Twitter he’s @suttope and his Bristol Book Blog is here: He's contributing editor of Far Horizons e-magazine which can be found here:

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