Interview with Tej Turner

I spoke to Tej about his new book: Bloodsworn “Everyone from Jalard knew what a bloodoath was. Legendary characters in the tales people told to their children often made such pacts with the gods. By drawing one’s own blood whilst speaking a vow, people became ‘Bloodsworn’.   And in every tale where the oath was broken, theContinue reading “Interview with Tej Turner”

Only the Broken Remain review & interview with the author

Dan Coxon – Only the Broken Remain (out 12 November, Black Shuck Books) Tell us about your book (what’s the sales pitch?) Only the Broken Remain is a collection of fourteen weird horror stories, populated by the lost and the downtrodden, the forgotten and the estranged. Some are new, some have previously been published inContinue reading “Only the Broken Remain review & interview with the author”

Interview with Rexx Deane

Tell us about your book (what’s the sales pitch?) A tsunami on a space station.An explosion with no trace of the bomber.Cyber-security expert Sebastian knows evidence doesn’t magically disappear, yet when he and his colleague Aryx, a disabled ex-marine, travel the galaxy to find the cause, there seems to be no other explanation.Can they unravelContinue reading “Interview with Rexx Deane”