The year in writing

This year so far I have three short story deadlines and two novel deadlines –

Seven Deadly Swords is in revision so the early months of this year will mainly be spent on that.

Novel # 3 – tentatively entitled “The Certainty of Dust” (more details in a few months time when I’ve finished the planning) will mostly take up the rest of the year.

I’ll also, all things being equal (it IS publishing after all) be in an essay collection which is something I’d like to do more of (take note passing publishers)

My goal for this year is also to get in a magazine (apart from in a review like Sick City Syndrome in Geeky Monkey January) so a short story published in one of the notable specfic mags. Which means writing more short stories.

If you’re a BFS member you’ll have seen my first published story this year – You have reached your destination in the BFS January bulletin. If you’re not a BFS member you can join here:


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