Cover Reveal -The Museum for Forgetting

Very happy to reveal the cover to my next published book – The Museum for Forgetting – a collection of my short stories from the last few years. The collection is loosely themed around the subject of memory and includes some previously published work as well as some written specifically for this book. There’s anContinue reading “Cover Reveal -The Museum for Forgetting”

Guest Blog: Dolly Garland – The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way for Writers Photo by Dolly Garland The Artist’s Way is a well-known creativity book by Julia Cameron. If you are interested in any form of creative practice you’ve probably heard of it. Or, you might have heard of one of its most famous concepts: the morning pages. I had been familiar withContinue reading “Guest Blog: Dolly Garland – The Artist’s Way”

Writing About Writing About Writing – a pause

As per the last blog post I started a new job – and am currently on the learning curve. I remember the days when I used to read other things than technical docs and manuals. This is another slight tangent from the intermittent series where I read or re-read the writing books on my shelfContinue reading “Writing About Writing About Writing – a pause”

Events and sundry

In the forthcoming days I will be appearing at a couple of events wearing (metaphorically) my author hat: StokerCon 2021 – I’ll be doing an author reading (available on demand throughout the Con) and two panels: May 21 4:00PM–4:50PM · Breakout Sessions Tone and Setting: How to Create Suspense in Your Writing Panelists discuss how to useContinue reading “Events and sundry”

Guest post by Stark Holborn and review of Ten Low

Stark Holborn is a novelist, games writer, film reviewer, and the author of Nunslinger, Triggernometry and the forthcoming Ten Low. My review of Ten Low follows Stark’s post. I got to ask her about her writing by asking: What did you learn about writing while writing this book? I studied literature at university, and critical reading formed a largeContinue reading “Guest post by Stark Holborn and review of Ten Low”

Writing About Writing About Writing Review 22

Part 22 of an intermittent series where I read or re-read the writing books on my shelf to see if they’re worth keeping. See previous part here I’ve moved on to Nuts & Bolts of Scriptwriting. First up was the venerable Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri. I’m not sure about this book. ItContinue reading “Writing About Writing About Writing Review 22”

Interview with Alistair from Books on the Hill

Books on the Hill are running a Kickstarter to launch a series of books for Dyslexic adults. I spoke to Alistair who runs the shop and asked him all about it. Tell us a bit about Books on the Hill and the Kickstarter We are an independent bookshop that is dyslexic friendly, based on aContinue reading “Interview with Alistair from Books on the Hill”

Writing about writing about writing: The index

I’ve been doing this review process for almost a year. The first post was back in June 2020. In that time I’ve reviewed just less than 100 books and mentioned a further 30 on the shelves. A friendly reader asked me to include an index so here we go: Book Rating Type WAWAW Elements ofContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing: The index”