Writing About Writing About Writing Review 16

Part 16 of an intermittent series where I read or re-read the writing books on my shelf to see if they’re worth keeping. See previous part here This time round I’ve skipped a week – things going on, you know how it is -lockdown, day jobs, one thing crowds out another… I’ve re-read a fewContinue reading “Writing About Writing About Writing Review 16”

NaNo, NaNo NaNo, NaNo NaNo there’s (Na)No limits

There’s no WAWAW this week as I’ve been trying to keep up with NaNoWriMo wordcounts (spoiler – I’m behind) if you’re doing NaNo then feel free to add me as a buddy – I’m on there as Psutto. I’ve sent the two novellas for the secret project to the publisher (one was finished using NaNoContinue reading “NaNo, NaNo NaNo, NaNo NaNo there’s (Na)No limits”

Real Writers

Imposter Syndrome – insidious isn’t it? I posted on Twitter that I wasn’t feeling like a ‘real writer’ so was pondering a post on imposter syndrome and got some nice advice from the lovely people of Twitter. More than one person sent me this: The lovely Frances Hardinge who I once had the pleasure ofContinue reading “Real Writers”