Why the silence?

Given that I know there are at least a few people that read my blog posts I thought I’d explain why there haven’t been any this year so far. There has been a major family illness and this has upset all the rhythms of life. I’m not sure when things will settle down (they certainly won’t get ‘back to normal’ any time soon) so things are on an indefinite hiatus.

Published by suttope

Pete Sutton has a not so secret lair in the wilds of Fishponds, Bristol and dreams up stories, many of which are about magpies. He's had stuff published, online and in book form, and currently has a pile of words that one day may possibly be a novel. He wrote all about Fishponds for the Naked Guide to Bristol and has made more money from non-fiction than he has from fiction and wonders if that means the gods of publishing are trying to tell him something. You can find him all over social media or worrying about events heโ€™s organised at the Bristol Festival of Literature. On Twitter heโ€™s @suttope and his Bristol Book Blog is here: http://brsbkblog.blogspot.co.uk/ He's contributing editor of Far Horizons e-magazine which can be found here: http://info-far-horizons.wix.com/far-horizons-emag

7 thoughts on “Why the silence?

  1. Back to normal can take a very long time.
    Diagnosis, treatment plan, recovery, learning to live with the new limitations, hunting for ways around the new limitations…
    My new normal is to be there, supporting, and adapting to each new development.
    Three years and counting. (And covid did not help!)

    Best wishes.


      1. You are welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

        (The profile pic was easy – Ginge likes to say hello to her people when we’re out and about, and my partner always has the camera handy.)


  2. It has been a difficult time, Pete, and if you’ve had family disasters to cope with, I’m pretty sure we all understand. Hope things work out better for you soon. No worries โค


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