Writing about writing about writing – on and off the shelves

I have a number of books spread over the shelves that are written by authors I have fiction books from. I don’t plan to put these to the test. I’ve previously read them and placed them on the shelves. Some of these are collected non-fiction or essays which may include writing advice. Some are writingContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing – on and off the shelves”

Writing about writing about writing Review 2

This is part of an ongoing series of posts. Part one is here and part two here Sticking with books that are at a word and sentence level, I’ve read (sometimes scanned) the following books for review this time round: The Complete Plain Words The edition I have is hardback, printed in 1986 bought fromContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing Review 2”

Real Writers

Imposter Syndrome – insidious isn’t it? I posted on Twitter that I wasn’t feeling like a ‘real writer’ so was pondering a post on imposter syndrome and got some nice advice from the lovely people of Twitter. More than one person sent me this: The lovely Frances Hardinge who I once had the pleasure ofContinue reading “Real Writers”

Writing about writing about writing*

This title comes from Tom Bissell’s excellent book Magic Hours and this idea is inspired by his essay of the same title. As I explained in a previous post I seem to read a lot of writing advice books. However I am running out of shelf space and it’s about time I culled the onesContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing*”