Writing About Writing About Writing Review 8

Part 8 of an intermittent series where I read or re-read the writing books on my shelf to see if they’re worth keeping. See previous part here I’ve been on my holidays for a couple of weeks but i still managed to re-read a couple of the books on the shelf. I got the BestsellerContinue reading “Writing About Writing About Writing Review 8”

Writing about writing about writing Review 4

4th in an intermittent series of reviewing my writing books, with an aim of reducing how many I have. The previous post is here The subtitle for this one should be: 3 books about sentences and one about flourishes. I’m going to confess that I’ve never been able to finish this book, and if itContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing Review 4”

Writing about writing about writing*

This title comes from Tom Bissell’s excellent book Magic Hours and this idea is inspired by his essay of the same title. As I explained in a previous post I seem to read a lot of writing advice books. However I am running out of shelf space and it’s about time I culled the onesContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing*”