I shall be at FantasyCon again this year and on some programming:

On Friday I shall be doing a reading at 8pm alongside Jan Edwards and Chris Donaldson

On Saturday I’ll be on wo panels (there’s a possibility I’ll be on a panel on Sunday too – the list isn’t quite finalised)

Saturday 4pm Panel room 1 – Being BFA Nominees


An award nomination can be a great confidence booster for a writer. It can also lead to all sorts of new opportunities. Our panel of BFA nominees will discuss what got them to this stage and what they hope their nominations will bring in the future.


Ian Hunter (mod) 

Erica Satifka, Pete SuttonNeil WilliamsonPhil Sloman


Saturday 5:30 Panel room 3 -Writing Short Fiction


Short stories are the life blood of Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction. With Drabbles, Flash Fiction, Ultra Shorts, Poetry and the more traditional 2500-5000 word pieces all having their place, our panelists talk about what works form them in writing the short.


Ed Fortune (mod)

Pete SuttonDean M. DrinkelPhil Sloman, Justin Newland

And on Sunday evening is the British Fantasy Award for which my book A Tiding of Magpies has been nominated in the best collection category – so I’ll be therenervously awaiting the verdict!

Published by suttope

Pete Sutton has a not so secret lair in the wilds of Fishponds, Bristol and dreams up stories, many of which are about magpies. He's had stuff published, online and in book form, and currently has a pile of words that one day may possibly be a novel. He wrote all about Fishponds for the Naked Guide to Bristol and has made more money from non-fiction than he has from fiction and wonders if that means the gods of publishing are trying to tell him something. You can find him all over social media or worrying about events he’s organised at the Bristol Festival of Literature. On Twitter he’s @suttope and his Bristol Book Blog is here: He's contributing editor of Far Horizons e-magazine which can be found here:

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