Bristol Festival of Literature Flash Slam

So North Bristol Writers came second. The Flash Slam involves teams of 4 writers  and whoever gets the most points goes into the final. The final is a bit of a double edged sword as it means having to come up with a story on the spot.

Here’s the one I read out. We were asked to incorporate Facebook Rehab, Sushi, Smelly Coat and Sea Monsters:

Kraken Krackling came up on my Facebook Advert feed. I’d swore that I’d not click on any adverts, I’d promised to do a Facebook Rehab you see. My Ebay habit had sunk our holiday fund. Amazon was blocked in our house – those Prime deliveries, day, after day, after day. You know how it is.

But Kraken Krackling! Sushi Sea Monster – melt in the mouth salty, fatty goodness – you wouldn’t be able to resist either would you. Would you?

The reason I was in shopping Rehab though? I’m ashamed of my last purchase. Cat Shampoo because our moggy has a smelly coat you see. “Fruity Foam for your Feline’s Fetid Fur.” I’d never been forgiven for that. What sort of idiot thinks a cat would sit still for a shower?

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