Born to be Bad – Review

born to be bad

Timon Singh loves action films, specifically 1980’s action films. He loves the vilains in those action films. So he set out to interview as many as he could – from Superman 2 to Die Hard, from Time Bandits to Indiana Jones Singh has tracked down a host of bad guys, and 1 gal.

The book is split into sections: The heavies, Superman 2, The Terrorists of Die Hard, The Outsiders, and the final boss. And includes such people as David Warner, Steven Birkoff, Julian Glover, William Atherton, Vernon Wells and many more

Singh is interested in what it takes to play a good baddie, the psychology of bad guys and gossip about the heroes and other co-stars as well as stories about the films these men, and it is almost 100% men, have been in. The interviews are entertaining and often enlightening and it’s great to spot a bad guy you may have seen in a few films but not know much about.

The book also has a great cover.

I hope Singh has more interviews up his sleeve -maybe some good guys next or the femme fatales of 80’s cinema?

Recommended to film lovers.

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