So far I’ve signed up to do a few events, with more cropping up throughout the year .

Penned Up – March 20th.

This is a literary event inside a prison, which is intriguing.

SFW X Part 1 – March 29-30th.

I’m on the programme being interviewed, talking about genre and doing a signing

Cymera Festival – June 7-9th.

I’ll be interviewing Richard Morgan on Friday the 7th and Cameron Johnson and Anna Stephens on Saturday 8th and Tade Thompson and Aliette de Bodard on Sunday 9th. The festival has a great looking programme – check it out.

FantasyCon Glasgow – October 18-20th.

The BFA suggestion list is open here if you can think of an eligible work go there and add it.

Bristol Festival of Literature – October 18-27th

Currently open for programme pitches, so if you have an idea mail them. The North Bristol Writers will be doing an event themed around “Fire” at the Old Fire Station on Thursday 24th

BristolCon – October 26th

Bristol’s very own SF&F convention. A great little con.

I’ll also be at the Edinburgh festival (as a punter) and Lyra poetry festival and probably a few more bookish events as well.



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