The Once and Future Con

Last weekend was the Clydebank FantasyCon (not Glasgow by any stretch) which was fantastic. It took place in a pretty weird hospital hotel – which, just like the Scarborough venue, would work as a horror film/book setting. I did some programming (Special thanks to Kit Power who organised Tales of the Dark which was a brilliant atmospheric set of readings)

I resisted buying too many books, I sold a couple of books, I did a reading that was interrupted sadly, and I was on a panel where Lucy Hounsom stepped up to moderate after the moderator pulled out. And she was awesome.

I didn’t explore the area much, although I did go for a walk in the afternoon sun on the Sunday whilst waiting for the awards to start. Muriel Gray was the stunt MC (filling in for Lee Harris who’d been invited as a GOH to another Con, nice to see him going up in the world) and she was fabulous.

As ever the greatest pleasure in FantasyCon is in catching up with the fantasy tribe. renewing old friendships and making new ones.

I got back home at past midnight on Sunday evening and straight back to the day job the next day. Then Tuesday night out for an event at Redland Library  and last night at Storysmith books and tonight I’ll be reading at this anthology event …

And then tomorrow BristolCon unofficially starts. Officially the programming is on Saturday but there’s always an open mic the night before, and, of course, BarCon!

the lovely programmers have put me down to do a reading at 09:50am and to moderate the first panel of the day:


There’s a long history of rural and folk influence in our genres, but it seems to be an especially prevalent trend at the moment. As more and more of us live in cities and only encounter nature on away days and holidays, is it becoming the great unknown?

Paul Cornell, Peter Morwood, Diane Duane, Juliet McKenna, Pete Sutton (M)

My books will be on sale and there will be a launch of Airship shape part 2 in which I have a story.

Hope to see you there!

Published by suttope

Pete W Sutton is a writer and editor. His two short story collections – A Tiding of Magpies and The Museum for Forgetting – were shortlisted for Best Collection in the British Fantasy Awards in 2017 & 2022 respectively. His novel – Seven Deadly Swords – was published by Grimbold Books. He has edited several short story anthologies and is the editor for the British Fantasy Society Horizons fiction magazine.

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