Lock down head down


<Looks up from a pile of scribbles>

What’s that? Oh yeah – I’m alive and I’m working hard on the latest revision of The Certainty of Dust which is now looking more like a novel. I’m just taking a very quick break from the word mines as I’ve received a little bad news about the books. Seems that KGHH has run into an issue with Amazon and neither Sick City Syndrome nor A Tiding of Magpies are available to purchase right now. If you’ve waited this long to buy a copy it looks like you’ve waited too long. Not sure how things will move forward from here but rest assured that Seven Deadly Swords is still for sale as are all the anthologies I’ve edited.

More news soon (for a given value of soon)

Edit: Since a couple of people have assumed this is a stock issue I’ll just clarify that the books are effectively now out of print. The publisher is closed down.


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