Writing about writing about writing: The index

I’ve been doing this review process for almost a year. The first post was back in June 2020. In that time I’ve reviewed just less than 100 books and mentioned a further 30 on the shelves. A friendly reader asked me to include an index so here we go:

Elements of StylekeepHow to English1
The Transitive VampirekeepHow to English1
The well-tempered sentencekeepHow to English1
Complete Plain wordsdiscardHow to English2
Sin and SyntaxkeepHow to English2
Vex, Hex, Smash, SmoochkeepHow to English2
Exercises in StylekeepHow to English3
Contemporary Essays in StylediscardHow to English3
The Anatomy of ProsediscardHow to English3
On Writing WelldiscardHow to English3
The Strategy of StylekeepHow to English3
StylekeepHow to English3
How to write a sentencekeepHow to English4
Several Short Sentences about WritingkeepHow to English4
Building Great SentenceskeepHow to English4
EloquencekeepHow to English4
Metaphors we live bydiscardHow to English5
Introducing MetaphordiscardHow to English5
Poetic DictiondiscardHow to English5
History in English WordsdiscardHow to English5
Poetry in the MakingkeepPoetry6
How to be a PoetkeepPoetry6
The Poet’s HandbookdiscardPoetry6
The Ode less travelledkeepPoetry6
Reading Like a WriterdiscardNuts & Bolts7
Understanding NovelsdiscardNuts & Bolts7
The Bestseller CodekeepNuts & Bolts8
Understanding FictonkeepNuts & Bolts8
The Making of a StorykeepNuts & Bolts9
Aspects of the NoveldiscardNuts & Bolts9
Classical Literary CriticismdiscardNuts & Bolts9
Writing in the DarkkeepNuts & Boltsa slight detour
Writing Horror FictiondiscardNuts & Boltsa slight detour
How to write a CYOA bookdiscardNuts & Boltsa slight detour
The Art of EditingkeepNuts & Boltsa slight detour
Techniques of the Selling WriterkeepNuts & Bolts10
Writing 21st Century FictiondiscardNuts & Bolts10
The Organised WriterkeepGolden Parachutes10
Writing Interactive FictiondiscardNuts & Bolts10
The Emotional Craft of FictiondiscardNuts & Bolts11
Save the Cat writes a novelkeepNuts & Bolts11
release the batsdiscardNuts & Bolts11
Monkeys with TypewritersdiscardNuts & Bolts12
Consider thiskeepNuts & Bolts13
The art of subtextdiscardNuts & Bolts13
The art of descriptiondiscardNuts & Bolts13
The art of characterdiscardNuts & Bolts13
Creating characterskeepNuts & Bolts13
DialoguekeepNuts & Bolts15
The Writer’s JourneydiscardNuts & Bolts14
StorykeepNuts & Bolts14
Damn Fine StorykeepNuts & Bolts14
Narrative DesignkeepNuts & Bolts14
Meander, Spiral, ExplodekeepNuts & Bolts15
Story Trumps StructurekeepNuts & Bolts15
Becoming a WriterdiscardOn Mount Olympus15
If you want to writekeepOn Mount Olympus15
The writing LifekeepOn Mount Olympus15
How to be your own literary agentkeepGolden Parachutes15
Editors on EditingkeepNuts & Bolts15
Out on the wirekeepNuts & Bolts15
Creating Short FictionkeepNuts & Bolts16
Writing Down the BonesdiscardOn Mount Olympus16
Bird by BirddiscardOn Mount Olympus16
On Becoming a NovelistdiscardOn Mount Olympus16
The Art of FictiondiscardNuts & Bolts16
Word WorkkeepOn Mount Olympus17
The writers book of doubtkeepOn Mount Olympus17
How to write SF&FdiscardNuts & Bolts18
How to write tales of horror, F &SFdiscardNuts & Bolts18
Writers workshop of horrorkeepNuts & Bolts18
Where Nightmares come fromkeepNuts & Bolts18
Environmental & Nature writingkeepNuts & Bolts18
Pocket WorkshopkeepNuts & Bolts19
The 38 most common mistakeskeepNuts & Bolts19
The last draftkeepNuts & Bolts19
Fiction first aidkeepNuts & Bolts19
Revising fictionkeepNuts & Bolts19
Self-editing for fiction writerskeepNuts & Bolts19
What editors dokeepNuts & Bolts19
Graphic Storytelliing and visual narrativekeepNuts & Bolts20
comics and sequential artkeepNuts & Bolts20
Understanding comicskeepNuts & Bolts20
making comicskeepNuts & Bolts20
Drawing Words & Writing PictureskeepNuts & Bolts20
Mastering comicskeepNuts & Bolts21
Words for picturesdiscardNuts & Bolts21
the art of comic book writingkeepNuts & Bolts21
writing comicskeepNuts & Bolts21
The Art of Dramatic Writingdiscard Nuts & Bolts 22
The Dramatist’s Toolboxdiscard Nuts & Bolts 22
Solving your Script discard Nuts & Bolts 22
Screenplay keep Nuts & Bolts 22
The Screenwriter’s Workbook keep Nuts & Bolts 22
The Art of Plottingkeep Nuts & Bolts Pause
What If?discardPrompts and Exercises23
How to write your first noveldiscardNuts & Bolts24
Points of ViewkeepNuts & Bolts24
Improve your punctuation and grammardiscardHow to English24
Before we get started keepOn Mount Olympus24
On Writing FictionkeepOn Mount Olympus24
Burning down the housekeep?On Mount Olympus24
The complete book of scriptwritingkeep?Nuts & Bolts24
Your story matterskeepNuts & Bolts24
Writers Block and how to use itkeepOn Mount Olympus24
The Writer as ArtistkeepPrompts and Exercises24
How to write readable EnglishkeepNuts & Bolts25
The Writers mentorkeepNuts & Bolts25
Deep writingdiscardNuts & Bolts25
Master ClassdiscardNuts & Bolts25
Between the LinesdiscardNuts & Bolts25
The craft of the noveldiscardMount Olympus25

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Pete W Sutton is a writer and editor. His two short story collections – A Tiding of Magpies and The Museum for Forgetting – were shortlisted for Best Collection in the British Fantasy Awards in 2017 & 2022 respectively. His novel – Seven Deadly Swords – was published by Grimbold Books. He has edited several short story anthologies and is the editor for the British Fantasy Society Horizons fiction magazine.

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