Some stuff happened

Last weekend was FantasyCon and it was awesome to see friends in the flesh again and get the con experience. OK it was a bit smaller than usual and the panels and events were quieter as people (quite rightly) put their efforts into socialising but it was a glimpse of normality.

My story – We Do Like to be Beside (from the Alchemy Press book of horrors 2) was shortlisted for Best Short Story in the BFAs and sadly didn’t win. I did get to present the award for best audio though which was fun.

Following the BFS AGM it was announced that I will be the editor in chief of BFS Horizons and I’ll be working with the current editor, Shona Kinsella, on the next issue and then in charge from issue 15.

I have bought membership for FantasyCon 22 and hope it’s back to normal numbers. The new comittee are set to take the BFS in exciting new directions and I’m looking forward to being part of the team.

I’ll also be at BristolCon and ChillerCon – if you’re coming along come say hello?

As the nights are drawing in and we enter the last quarter of the year my thoughts are turning to 2022. I am thinking of creating a proper email newsletter with my first (out of print) novel as a gift if you sign up. I’ll be restarting Writing About Writing About Writing (WAWAW) soon with a twist – I’ll be using the half dozen prompt books to write short stories that I’ll then try and sell and talking about the experience on the blog. Although I’ll also be doing more standard WAWAW posts as well.

Published by suttope

Pete Sutton has a not so secret lair in the wilds of Fishponds, Bristol and dreams up stories, many of which are about magpies. He's had stuff published, online and in book form, and currently has a pile of words that one day may possibly be a novel. He wrote all about Fishponds for the Naked Guide to Bristol and has made more money from non-fiction than he has from fiction and wonders if that means the gods of publishing are trying to tell him something. You can find him all over social media or worrying about events he’s organised at the Bristol Festival of Literature. On Twitter he’s @suttope and his Bristol Book Blog is here: He's contributing editor of Far Horizons e-magazine which can be found here:

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