Out of the Darkness Kickstarter launches

I’m very excited to see that my friends over at Unsung have launched a new Kickstarter: Out of the Darkness and it looks fabulous. I was a big fan of their previous anthologies 2084 and This Dreaming Isle which were both gorgeous books full of great stories, so I expect this one to be too.

As a bonus the anthology will support Together for Mental Wellbeing with all the authors donating their fee to the mental charity. And with exclusive new stories by Laura Mauro (who just won the British Fantasy Award for best short story AND best short story collection), Gary Budden (whose collection Hollow Shores I’ve raved about elsewhere), Aliya Whiteley (One of the most exciting voices in SF&F at the moment) & many more you’ll want to grab a copy.


Out of the Darkness, a brand new anthology from award-winning independent
press Unsung Stories, challenges some of the most exciting voices in horror and
dark fantasy to bring their worst fears out into the light. From the black dog of
depression to acute anxiety and schizophrenia, these stories prove what fans of
horror fiction have long known – that we must understand our demons to
overcome them.

In 2019, it was estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience mental
health issues every year, ranging from schizophrenia to mild depression. Since
then, the Centre for Mental Health has estimated that 10 million people will need
mental health support in the UK as a direct consequence of Covid-19, with a
staggering 1.5 million of those being under eighteen.

Speaking about the anthology, Dan Coxon, Editor at Unsung Stories, said,
“Britain was facing a mental health crisis before Covid-19 struck, but that trend
has now become a tsunami. The coronavirus struck a blow not only to our
physical health, but also to our mental wellbeing.

“People who had never before experienced anxiety attacks have found
themselves nervous at the prospect of leaving the house; those who stayed at
home have found themselves isolated and scared.

“By exploring the dark recesses of the human psyche, these stories help
illuminate and make sense of the world for those suffering from mental health
problems – a world of anxiety, and despair, and fear. Horror isn’t just about the
chills – it’s also about the healing that comes after.”

I’ve just backed the Kickstarter and so should you!

Published by suttope

Pete W Sutton is a writer and editor. His two short story collections – A Tiding of Magpies and The Museum for Forgetting – were shortlisted for Best Collection in the British Fantasy Awards in 2017 & 2022 respectively. His novel – Seven Deadly Swords – was published by Grimbold Books. He has edited several short story anthologies and is the editor for the British Fantasy Society Horizons fiction magazine.

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