Writing About Writing About Writing: A Review

I was very lucky to get an ARC of Spec Fic for Newbies which you can pre-order here for £16.99 from Luna Press Publishing (an award winning small press). I’ve been dipping in and out of it for a couple of weeks and I think it’s fab. The book is aimed at “future spec ficContinue reading “Writing About Writing About Writing: A Review”

Cover Reveal -The Museum for Forgetting

Very happy to reveal the cover to my next published book – The Museum for Forgetting – a collection of my short stories from the last few years. The collection is loosely themed around the subject of memory and includes some previously published work as well as some written specifically for this book. There’s anContinue reading “Cover Reveal -The Museum for Forgetting”

Interview with Alistair from Books on the Hill

Books on the Hill are running a Kickstarter to launch a series of books for Dyslexic adults. I spoke to Alistair who runs the shop and asked him all about it. Tell us a bit about Books on the Hill and the Kickstarter We are an independent bookshop that is dyslexic friendly, based on aContinue reading “Interview with Alistair from Books on the Hill”

Out of the Darkness Kickstarter launches

I’m very excited to see that my friends over at Unsung have launched a new Kickstarter: Out of the Darkness and it looks fabulous. I was a big fan of their previous anthologies 2084 and This Dreaming Isle which were both gorgeous books full of great stories, so I expect this one to be too.Continue reading “Out of the Darkness Kickstarter launches”

Bristol Festival of Literature & BristolCon

I’ll be at several events at the Bristol Festival of Literature specifically reading at this one: Suspension and one of the speakers at this one: Finding the Positive I’ll be launching my novel Seven Deadly Swords at BristolCon and it looks like I’ll be on a panel there too. If you can’t make BristolCon I’ll be doing a signing atContinue reading “Bristol Festival of Literature & BristolCon”

What’s happening

One month into 2018 and already time seems to be flying past. I’ve been working on Seven Deadly Swords – responding to the latest edit, and that’s coming along. I’ve also been writing the first draft of Certainty of Dust and writing a few short stories – some speculatively, some in response to requests. IContinue reading “What’s happening”

2018 – Book One: The Hotwells Horror & Other Stories

David J Rodger was a Bristol based author that I did my first BristolCon Fringe with. When he sadly passed away we were planning an anthology of mine, his and Thomas David Parker’s work. When he died I mooted the idea at his funeral that myself and Tom should carry on and do a book inContinue reading “2018 – Book One: The Hotwells Horror & Other Stories”