Out of the Darkness Kickstarter launches

I’m very excited to see that my friends over at Unsung have launched a new Kickstarter: Out of the Darkness and it looks fabulous. I was a big fan of their previous anthologies 2084 and This Dreaming Isle which were both gorgeous books full of great stories, so I expect this one to be too.Continue reading “Out of the Darkness Kickstarter launches”

Bristol Festival of Literature & BristolCon

I’ll be at several events at the Bristol Festival of Literature specifically reading at this one: Suspension and one of the speakers at this one: Finding the Positive I’ll be launching my novel Seven Deadly Swords at BristolCon and it looks like I’ll be on a panel there too. If you can’t make BristolCon I’ll be doing a signing atContinue reading “Bristol Festival of Literature & BristolCon”

What’s happening

One month into 2018 and already time seems to be flying past. I’ve been working on Seven Deadly Swords – responding to the latest edit, and that’s coming along. I’ve also been writing the first draft of Certainty of Dust and writing a few short stories – some speculatively, some in response to requests. IContinue reading “What’s happening”

2018 – Book One: The Hotwells Horror & Other Stories

David J Rodger was a Bristol based author that I did my first BristolCon Fringe with. When he sadly passed away we were planning an anthology of mine, his and Thomas David Parker’s work. When he died I mooted the idea at his funeral that myself and Tom should carry on and do a book inContinue reading “2018 – Book One: The Hotwells Horror & Other Stories”