Writing About Writing About Writing: Advanced Reading

I know, I know – I owe a January summary – that’ll come next week. However I am dropping in to shout out about an Advanced Reading Copy I’ve just been sent from Luna Press who have very kindly sent me a copy of “Specalutive Fiction for Newbies” by Tiffani Angus & Val Nolan. Here’sContinue reading “Writing About Writing About Writing: Advanced Reading”

Guest Post by Dan Coxon – The Sickness and the Cure: Mental Health in Horror

Horror has always been a genre that rests heavily on its tropes, from the suspicious stranger to the abandoned cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, it has also at times relied on a toxic trope that can damage more than it entertains: that of the mentally ill psychopath. I’m currently crowdfunding the anthology Out of theContinue reading “Guest Post by Dan Coxon – The Sickness and the Cure: Mental Health in Horror”

Out of the Darkness Kickstarter launches

I’m very excited to see that my friends over at Unsung have launched a new Kickstarter: Out of the Darkness and it looks fabulous. I was a big fan of their previous anthologies 2084 and This Dreaming Isle which were both gorgeous books full of great stories, so I expect this one to be too.Continue reading “Out of the Darkness Kickstarter launches”

A Tiding of Magpies Reissued

The Reissue of my first collection – A Tiding of Magpies – will be published on the 3rd of January. It’s available to preorder here (preorder for the paperback coming soon) I’ve added a new afterword, there are some new stories and the whole book has had a re-edit and has been spruced up. MyContinue reading “A Tiding of Magpies Reissued”

Remember me to one who lives there

Things have got weird but we always have stories right? And this unassuming set of tales is due to drop in a little less than 24 hours. It seems like a long time ago (it was) when we discussed these three anthologies from Grimbold Books (Lost Gods and Unexpected Heroines are also due out soon)Continue reading “Remember me to one who lives there”

Grimbold Anthologies Submissions

Update 29/12/2018 3 days till the end of the year. 3 days left to submit a story Update 21/12/2018 10 days left to submit a story! UPDATE! We’ve had lots of authors contact us, and so…. Submissions window will be extended to the 31/12/18!! This allows for those who have expressed interest to get theirContinue reading “Grimbold Anthologies Submissions”