Structures and Developments

Earlier this week I sent the manuscript of Seven Deadly Swords to my editor at Grimbold. This is after a fairly hefty restructure and rewrite after the structural/developmental edit. It’s been to beta readers and they all had good comments but it seems like after extensive electronic scissors and pots of glue, moving chapters around,Continue reading “Structures and Developments”

Some reviews

Thirty Years of Rain – Edited by Elaine Gallagher, Cameron Johnston & Neil Williamson Published by Taverna Press (20 Sept. 2016) This is a collection of stories and poetry from members of the Glasgow science fiction writers group. When the North Bristol writers group created its first anthology North by Southwest one criticism, that we attemptedContinue reading “Some reviews”

Guest post by Titus Chalk – A lesson from Bristol

Today’s guest post comes from Titus Chalk who has written a history of Magic: The Gathering called Generation Decks I’ve spent plenty of time playing this game but, unlike many of my friends, never got caught up in the collecting aspect of it. I saw some people spend thousands of pounds on collecting cards andContinue reading “Guest post by Titus Chalk – A lesson from Bristol”

On the subject of silence

It’s been almost a month since the last blog post – so what’s been happening? I’ve finished the major rewrite on Seven Deadly Swords and it’s with a few trusted beta readers before sending back to the editor at Grimbold. Which is quite exciting – more details on when the book will be released willContinue reading “On the subject of silence”

On copyright and getting it in writing

Seeing an American author of my acquaintance announcing that someone has taken his work and adapted it without his permission has inspired me to write down my experience of exactly that. I used to write for an RPG. This was a sole trader business when I started writing for it. After many years the soleContinue reading “On copyright and getting it in writing”

Catacombs of Terror Review

Catacombs of Terror By Stanley Donwood Scratter & Pomace Valpolicella is a PI in Bath and he is told that he’s going to be arrested for murder in a few days and the only way to circumvent this looming fate is to investigate the company that runs the CCTV, who are also doing an archaeological digContinue reading “Catacombs of Terror Review”

My name is Mary Sutherland

My Name is Mary Sutherland Kate Farrell PS Publishing The narrator of this tale is a young girl, the eponymous Mary Sutherland, who lived in Aigburth and who had family in Birkenhead. I grew up in Birkenhead so her voice was immediately recognisable. The book starts with a TV crew coming to interview Mary who isContinue reading “My name is Mary Sutherland”

Writing books and the writer

I have a confession. I’m kinda addicted to writing books. You know the type -books about the craft of writing. I’ve just finished a classic in the genre – Of Worlds Beyond A “Symposium” on the writing craft including such luminaries as EE Doc Smith, Robert Heinlein, and John W Campbell Jr It has that essay by HeinleinContinue reading “Writing books and the writer”

Arrival of Missives – A Review

Arrival of Missives Aliya Whitely Unsung Stories As usual with Unsung this is a gorgeously produced novella and one that has been written with care. I read Whitely’s The Beauty as an ARC a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. Therefore I’ve both looked forward to this second book and put offContinue reading “Arrival of Missives – A Review”

The Memoirist – A review

The Memoirist Neil Williamson Newcon Press Why are so many powerful people determined to wipe a poignant gig by a faded rock star from the annals of history? What are they so afraid of? Near future SF set when surveillance culture has become ubiquitous via small flying drones that look like bees (hence the cover).Continue reading “The Memoirist – A review”