Writing About Writing About Writing Review 23

And so the return of Writing About Writing About Writing and a new review. In the previous post I explained that one of the types of writitng books I have on the shelf is ‘Exercise and Prompt’ books. I also promised: “I’m going to be using those exercise and prompt books to practise and comeContinue reading “Writing About Writing About Writing Review 23”

MeddwlCoed writing retreat

This weekend just gone I joined a bunch of writers in mid-Wales for another MeddwlCoed Writing Retreat. This one at the Glynhir Estate. A fantastic location for some rest and writing. We left Bristol under cover of darkness and joined the throng on the M4 which flowed well until we reached near Cardiff where GoogleContinue reading “MeddwlCoed writing retreat”

The return of Writing About Writing About Writing

WAWAW Is an intermittent series where I read or re-read the writing books on my shelf to see if they’re worth keeping. See previous part here. And an index of the books in the series here. In my previous post way back in June I put the series on pause as I needed to useContinue reading “The return of Writing About Writing About Writing”

Drowning in content

I have a book buying problem – Hi I’m Pete and I’m a biblioholic. You’re probably already aware of that from the fact that I’ve been doing the Writing About Writing About Writing (WAWAW) blogposts (which will return next month, more on that below.) I do the category challenge on Librarything every year and I’mContinue reading “Drowning in content”

Guest Post: Alison Morton

A ‘Roman nut’ since age 11, Alison misspent decades clambering over Roman sites throughout Europe. Fascinated by the breathtaking mosaics at Ampurias in Spain and the engineering brilliance of the Pont du Gard in France, she was curious about the role of women in the complex, powerful and value-driven Roman civilisation. That started her wondering whatContinue reading “Guest Post: Alison Morton”