100 Days to Write a Novel Week Twelve

Day 82 18 days left 32477 words which is around 400 words a day (almost) “For more than three years I wrote more than 400 words every day. I mean, every calendar day. If, in those pre-portable days, I couldn’t get to a keyboard, I wrote hard the previous night and caught up the followingContinue reading “100 Days to Write a Novel Week Twelve”

100 Days to (Not) Write a Novel

Another week has flown by and another disappointing wordcount. I’m still behind, at less than 40,000 words when I should be on 50,000 at this point. Ah well, blame politics – I’ve not been able to tear myself away from Twitter and news sites for the absolute shambles that’s on display. It’s been simultaneously hilariousContinue reading “100 Days to (Not) Write a Novel”

100 Days to Write a Novel Week Nine

Having not really written for two weeks I am behind. I should be on 45,000 words, but I’m on just less than 35,000. I’ve done half a novel but have used up over half the time. Lots of things can stop you writing I’ve found. In the War of Art Steven Pressfield talks about “resistance”Continue reading “100 Days to Write a Novel Week Nine”

100 Days to Write a Novel Week Eight

There was no week seven. I flitted across the border and took it with me. In Glasgow, I met with another writer. We spoke, and ate a vegan meal, then watched random music in a basement. Drummer with mouthgag, a band describing themselves as being like ‘a sad wank in a bath’ and the headlinersContinue reading “100 Days to Write a Novel Week Eight”

100 Days to Write a Novel: Week Six

And so comes the inevitable crash. I’ve only written 1500 words this week. I’ve been stymied for a variety of reasons – none of which should have been insurmountable. As Mumford & Sons said – “If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could have won” So that should mean lots ofContinue reading “100 Days to Write a Novel: Week Six”

100 Days to Write a Novel: Week Five

The Certainty of Dust is at almost 30,000 words and this is the pause point. At 30k with both previous novels, it reached the point where forward momentum versus how it matches the outline needed testing at this point. And despite doing better planning, or so I thought, I’ve hit that point now too. IContinue reading “100 Days to Write a Novel: Week Five”

100 Days to Write a Novel: Week Four

The Certainty of Dust is now just under 24,000 words. I’m still ahead (basically due to the boost during week one). Although behind on the week – which means more writing over the weekend. Essentially it’s now novella length and half novel-length (if we accept NanoWriMo’s definition of a novel is 50K) As I tweetedContinue reading “100 Days to Write a Novel: Week Four”