The Girl from a Thousand Fathoms – Review

Amazon blurb – “Tim Wassiter, P.I. isn’t a cynical old-school detective with a bottle in the desk, he’s the new-age version with chickens, tea – and a little bit of magic. His ex-partner scoffs, the old lady down the road just wants him to find her missing cat, but Tim knows that magic works. He’sContinue reading “The Girl from a Thousand Fathoms – Review”

Writing about writing about writing review 1

As I explained in this blog post on Wednesday my writing books have outgrown the shelf above my desk (and my fiction and non-fiction shelves are already groaning) so I need to do a cull. I’m reviewing/re-reading them (which will take some time) and the first three (yes I read 3 books yesterday, but they’reContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing review 1”

Writing about writing about writing*

This title comes from Tom Bissell’s excellent book Magic Hours and this idea is inspired by his essay of the same title. As I explained in a previous post I seem to read a lot of writing advice books. However I am running out of shelf space and it’s about time I culled the onesContinue reading “Writing about writing about writing*”

Remember me to one who lives there

Things have got weird but we always have stories right? And this unassuming set of tales is due to drop in a little less than 24 hours. It seems like a long time ago (it was) when we discussed these three anthologies from Grimbold Books (Lost Gods and Unexpected Heroines are also due out soon)Continue reading “Remember me to one who lives there”

Everything is banal and jejune (or what I learned about writing by growing a beard)

When my beard was short I got a lot of comments that I looked like this guy Last year I let my beard grow (mostly – it does get tidied now and then) And now I think I look like But what lots of other people think I look like I mean, obviously a lotContinue reading “Everything is banal and jejune (or what I learned about writing by growing a beard)”