Book Review – Robinson by Muriel Spark

Book Two of the Year of Muriel Spark. I was sent 4 Muriel Spark books by Berlinn as part of a Year of Muriel Spark. I actually read this last year but have only just got round to reviewing it. Bound for the Azores, a plane crashes onto an isolated island somewhere in the NorthContinue reading “Book Review – Robinson by Muriel Spark”

A year of Muriel Spark

Back in October I reviewed ‘Appointment in Arezzo’for Polygon’s Berlinn imprint. They must have liked the review because they have sent me the first 4 of Spark’s books which they are reprinting as part of the centenary celebrations of her birth. Let me tell you – these are gorgeous editions and I feel a blogContinue reading “A year of Muriel Spark”