Friday Flash – Posted to BRSBKBLOG in March 2014

#FridayFlash Zoophilia   My brother was killed by a giant clam, in Weston-Super-Mare.   My uncle started something with three gorillas that didn’t end well.   My cousin at Bristol Zoo? Well the less said about what happened to him the better.   Perhaps then I wasn’t the best person to volunteer to look afterContinue reading “Friday Flash – Posted to BRSBKBLOG in March 2014”

Friday Flash – posted to BRSBKBLOG in April 2014

#FridayFlash The doom that came from the sky The skystone lies in deepest shadow at the heart of the castle that was built around it. The lineage of the finder are its protectors. It is death, it is mayhem and it waits. # The first crashing collision reverberates through the hall. The prince looks atContinue reading “Friday Flash – posted to BRSBKBLOG in April 2014”

NYC Midnight challenge 2014 – published on BRSBKBLOG May 2015

So it’s all over – and how did I do? I got an honourable mention. I’m happy with that, maybe next year I can make my way onto the Top Ten? I’ll present my musings on the experience and then post my three stories below warts and all, as they were sent to the competitionContinue reading “NYC Midnight challenge 2014 – published on BRSBKBLOG May 2015”

Fridsy Flash – added on BRSBKBLOG in July 2014

#FridayFlash Overdue book I checked the Necronomicon out of the library and now I can’t find it, and it’s overdue. I’ve probably mislaid it in my non-Euclidean bedroom. Perhaps it has been eaten by some rugose, squamous, tentacular horror? Perhaps someone else picked it up? Elsie from my mum’s book club did go mad lastContinue reading “Fridsy Flash – added on BRSBKBLOG in July 2014”

Friday Flash – posted on BRSBKBLOG September 2014

#FridayFlash Seeds He thought if he could find the right word seed it would all come together. Around that one word he would place two more, around those two four more until he had a sentence. Around that sentence he would place another either side, around those three another two each side until he formedContinue reading “Friday Flash – posted on BRSBKBLOG September 2014”